Tuesday, August 30, 2011

R4 Nature

The versatility and spirit of adventure that characterized the first Renault4 have adduced enough to project the mind into this new project. The continuous contact with the environment (urban or rural) has been fundamental in defining the stylistic characters.

One of the key points of the project is the respect for the environment, which is implemented using ecological materials and an electric propulsion system. For the realization of the body and other plastic parts an extensive use of recycled plastic was made, Bio-PET and Nano-Cellulose (derived primarily from vegetable waste). This helps to reduce CO2 emissions, to limit the exploitation of oil, lower the weights. The important thing is that in the short term, it will be much cheaper to produce these materials. The four in-wheel motors, make the car AWD and are powered by a fluid-battery contained in the floor, which also acts as a reservoir. The arrangement of the motors and batteries, consents us not have mechanical parts above the floor, this has made it possible to create a luggage compartment at the rear and front of the vehicle. On the roof is positioned a flexible solar panel that will follow its form, also performing the function of solar filter for the passenger compartment (the roof is made of polycarbonate). This panel provides enough energy to power the air conditioning system, the lightingand the infotainment system. 

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